If your reading this then you're probably trying to find out the truth behind smoke remedy and whether it works or not, and if you want to know that then then chances are you're probably trying to quit smoking! Firstly, congratulations on wanting to kick the habit, one of the hardest things about quitting is finally taking the plunge and wanting to do it. Most people are too afraid of failure and choose to just keep smoking rather than give quitting a try.

I used to be a very heavy smoker myself and at one point I was getting through forty a day, sometimes more. My health was awful, whenevImages‚Äčer I tried to exercise I just got out of breathe so easily that I couldn't do it. Around a year ago I decided it was finally time to quit before it was too late.

To begin with I tried going cold turkey, thinking to myself it can't be that hard. My cold turkey attempt lasted me around four days, at which point I don't think I've ever been so stressed in all my life! It was then that I decided I needed help and I couldn't do this alone. I joined a couple of quit smoking forums and asked for advice, I got a lot of motivational advice and a few recommendations on products to use including smoke remedy.

To start with I tried a few different nicotine gums; every time I had a craving I would chew one of these. For the first few days things were going quite well, I didn't seem stressed but I figured the nicotine gum was pumping my body full of nicotine and keeping me calm! On day 5 I cracked and couldn't take it anymore, I needed to smoke! Back to square one then. After going back to the smoking forum I had joined, I decided to tell them my failure and see what they recommended. A couple other people pitched in and recommend I try smoke remedy.

I did a little bit of research before committing myself to getting smoke remedy; I read it was a throat spray that you use whenever you get the desire to light up a cigarette. It seemed straight forward enough so I decided to get a free trial to see what it was like; I figured there was nothing to lose.

When the smoke remedy bottle arrived a couple days later I was excited! I had read a lot more about smoke remedy and there were plenty of success stories so I figured I had a good chance of quitting with it. The first time I used it was weird to say the least! It was a very strange sensation spraying it in my mouth when I wanted to light up, but at the same time it was kind of soothing. As soon as I sprayed it that first time the last thing I wanted to do was have a smoke. The taste I got from the spray was almost minty and it is the same kind of feeling you get after you brush your teeth - you don't want to eat anything for a while! It's a weird analogy but that's how it is with smoke remedy.

Lost Book Of Remedies Is Fast forward two weeks and I was still nicotine free, I had a couple of moments where I almost caved in but smoke remedy seemed to put me straight. The good thing about it is that it doesn't contain any nicotine at all, so from day one your body starts cleaning out all the nicotine. The other thing I noticed was that over time, I needed to use smoke remedy less frequently, but my fourth week I was using it very sparsely, perhaps twice a day. My cravings got longer and longer apart.

At some point during my fifth week I felt I was ready to try without it. I went the whole day and only had one very minor craving but I shook it off very easily and the thought dropped out my mind within a few seconds. Well I'm now completely smoke free and don't need smoke remedy anymore, but I think my quitting success has relied very heavily upon it! It feels amazing being smoke free, I have my health back, my skin is much clearer, friends and family don't avoid me anymore because I don't smell of smoke! These are just a few of the benefits I've felt since finally becoming smoke free. If you're struggling to quit or are yet to make the first move, I recommend you give smoke remedy a try, I hope it can help you as much as it did me.